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St Paul’s Episcopal Church – Our Heritage

a-tec-sheild_finalSt Paul’s Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, which is comprised of over 80 million members in 44 regional and member churches in more than 160 countries. The Episcopal Church, originally part of the Anglican Church (Church of England), was established shortly after the American Revolution when Anglican clergy in America refused to swear allegiance to the British monarchy. Today, the Episcopal Church includes 109 dioceses in 17 nations and the territory of Puerto Rico.

The Episcopal Church traces its heritage to the beginnings of Christianity. Modern liturgy is still based upon ancient structure and traditions. The Book of Common Prayer is used for worship. St Paul’s Episcopal Church adheres to Episcopal directives. We uphold the bible. We believe in the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), repentance and the forgiveness of sin, and everlasting life. As followers of Christ, we celebrate our unity in Him while honoring the diversity in our world. We strive to respect the dignity of each individual, always putting the work of love before uniformity of opinion. Our clergy teach and guide us according to scriptural guidelines and our lay members have a vital role in both the governance and the ministries of our church.

St Paul’s Episcopal Church – In Our House

st-pauls-pastor-davidSt Paul’s Episcopal Church offers a full spectrum of opportunities to our members. From meaningful worship services to positive social interaction, St Paul’s creates a faith-based environment for members of all ages.

PARISH LIFE  At St Paul’s Episcopal Church, we schedule social activities on a regular basis to help develop a more in-depth personal connection within our diverse parish community. These activities range from a “Summer Sun & Splash” outing to our regular parish dinners. After the later Sunday Service, parishioners often host a Coffee Hour to encourage friendly conversation and to welcome any guests who may have joined us that week.

For a list of upcoming events click here.

St Pauls Church Choir

MUSIC   Music is an integral part of worship at St Paul’s Episcopal Church. We believe that raising a song to the Lord is one of the highest forms of praise. As in life, variety adds spice to the music program at St Paul’s. Our musical repertoire includes liturgical hymns, folk and Appalachian music, well-loved classical pieces, and favorites with a modern flair. We encourage any of our members with musical talents to share them with the congregation and the response has been amazing. Our accomplished choir is second to none in lifting the spirit and soothing the soul. In addition to traditional pipe organ music, St Paul’s has been blessed with talented pianists whose selections are often accompanied by violin and viola. We also welcome guest instrumentalists from the larger community. Their unique personal style adds an extra dimension to our worship experience.

St Paul’s Episcopal Church – Making A Difference


Outreach is a major priority at St Paul’s Episcopal Church. We are very proud of our strong history of introducing pioneering social programs to the greater Mt Vernon community. Innovative programs were begun here in response to needs brought to our attention by individual parish members. As the success of our initial efforts became evident, many programs were adopted by the community at large. Through individual initiative and the support of St Paul’s, these small steps have become the cornerstones for community enterprises like Alcoholics Anonymous, Winter Sanctuary Emergency Homeless shelters, and Interchurch Social Services.

From the small seeds of faith and service carefully planted and gently nurtured at St Paul’s Episcopal Church, mighty oaks of outreach have grown to serve those in need among us. Our ever changing outreach programs are living proof that one person with a willing heart can make a difference here!

Sunday Supper

At 5:00 p.m. each Sunday evening, St Paul’s Episcopal Church offers a free ‘Sunday Supper’ to the community at large. The meal is served in the Community Hall, on the Lower Level of the Parish House, 100 E High St — please use the Gay Street entrance. Doors usually open around 4:30 p.m. Helping hands are always welcome.

Contact the church office by Thursday noon for more information.

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