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St Paul’s Church in Mount Vernon– Funding Our Mission

At this time, funding for our programs, as well as the cost of maintenance and repairs, is dependent upon contributions from our Mount Vernon church members. Their response to our need has been overwhelming. It is through the generosity of our congregation that we are able to maintain our presence in the community and preserve the architectural and artistic beauty of our beloved church. Our projects vary from year to year based on the careful assessment of immediate need. Our choices for 2015 are outlined here.

St Paul’s Church in Mount Vernon – Current Projects

In 2015, St Paul’s Church completed the renovation of our pipe organ. St Paul’s Church in Mount Vernon is truly blessed to be home to a true pipe organ which greatly enhances our worship experience. Thanks to the gracious support of our community, this magnificent instrument has been fully restored.

St Paul’s Church in Mount Vernon – Capital Campaign

The focus of St Paul’s 2015 Capital Campaign is the repair of our beautiful stained glass windows, and necessary exterior renovations to maintain the classic appearance of our Mount Vernon church.

The stained glass windows of the Church are in immediate need of care and protection if they are to remain intact.

Total estimate for 7 windows: $153,000.00

In addition, some of the louvers on both Bell Towers need to be replaced and all require preservation measures to be initiated to prevent further deterioration.

Total estimate: $10,545.00

If you would like to donate to any of these projects, please contact us for information on making a contribution.

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